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Server Properties: disk space displays @error
~Lex Nonveluzengon 01/27/2004 05:16 PM
Domino Administrator 6.5 Linux - SuSE

Hi all there,

I've a little problem, realy not that worse, but I wonder about:

First, I have 2 Domino6.5 Servers, running both on different Linux Boxes.

With one of this servers it is not possible to get the disk space informations (in Domino Administrator open the server and open the properties dialog). I get an @error E?? (the rest is not shown unfortunately) entry in the "Free" and "Size" field.

Additionally, in the Domino Administrator with the "Files" tab opened, normally the "Disk Space" menu appears at the right (Tools). Not on that server,

On the second server, everything works fine. so what can be the reason for that?

There are different installation pathes:
/local/notesdata (works)
/opt/local/notesdata (not working)

Is that causing the failure?

Thanks for your discussion.


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